We All Are Cosmic Dancers

20th of May, 2010 at the Fringe Theater, HK

Produced by Oxana Banshikova, artistic director of Cosmic Dance.

Our creative adventure exploring Bharatanatyam Indian Classical dance in      its purest ancient form and popular modern fusion style.

The best choreographies by Cosmic Dance group who have been performing    for the past two years in Hong Kong.

Featuring students of Cosmic Dance and professional dancers; all sharing      passion and love for Indian Classical Dance.

Event was a once again success and hours of hard practice and sleepless nights brought our group closer together. The biggest challenge of the night was the frequent costume changes. For some up to 4 times during this show and within 5 minutes. Parts of costumes and jewelry were getting missing in the rush but everyone did a great job and everyone was dressed and ready to dance in time. That was a great experience that made us stronger.

Thank you to:

Maggie Blue O’Hara for your beautiful voice and presence.

Jamie Wu  for the light and music

Talented and hard working dancers:


Deepa Natarajan

Iris Li

Joan Chan

Malin Oskarsson

Pearl Sze

Po Ying Chan

Radha So

Teresa Cheung