Indian Classical Dance recital by Oxana Banshikova


Call of the soul


It is a desire, it is a prayer, to find one’s unique place in the universe. What is the hidden gift you must bring forth to the world? Can you find your happiness?

Can you hear your soul speak?


‘Call Of The Soul’ was  long planned, much anticipated and scary project for me. For some reason or other I kept postponing  BharataNatyam solo performance for couple of years already, finding excuses like “too busy”, “need to concentrate on group choreography for my students” , “have to plan shows for my students”, teaching… Anything really! I guess, I was just scared of myself being alone with my own dance and practice and this time I wanted it to be perfect..

Every time after performance, small or big, no metter how long or short, easy or difficult it was, I feel really empty and look back at all my mistakes and little details that could be better..coursing myself for not practicing more, not planning better.

Well, was Call Of The Soul perfect? Not yet..

But I have learned a lot:  You can not get better unless you try and keep trying, make mistakes, overcome your fear, follow your instincts, take risks and you can dream big!

This project really gave me a boost and desire to do more and more, to give my dance more time, to give myself a chance to learn and get better.

Watch out  – more shows are coming soon 😉