Cosmic Dance is turning 3 years old this October!


What a journey it has been.. Full of ups and downs, turns, crossroads, broken hearts and happy moments.

I treasure all that has happened to me throughout this experience and thank god for giving me this great opportunity to follow my dreams and continue spreading my passion and love for Indian Classical Dance.

Now, when I see Cosmic Dance grow a little, I am happy that my dream is alive and thankful to all the  people that kept it afloat and helped it getting stronger.

Cosmic Dance concept was a wild dream, quiet secret and a hope to connect people from different backgrounds, from different countries and cultures and to keep creating something beautiful, something that makes sense to the people involved, something that keeps our small community together, makes our lives different…

Indian Classical Dance is just a medium to make this dream come true, to get people together, but what a powerful medium it is! 

There is a long way to go and I wish it to continue for many years more.

I am still dreaming that Cosmic Dance can make a difference, even if it is tiniest, smallest impact on bringing people together and making them happier!