Current classes.                                                               

  Fee: 700HK$ for 5 classes, drop in 200HK$

  • Beginner level 1, evening classes are held every Monday 19.00-20.00 at Ricky dancing studio.

  • Beginner level 2, evening classes are held every Monday 20.00-21.00 at Ricky dancing studio.
  • Indian Dance exercise  and  technique practice class is held every Thursday 9.00-10.30 at Ricky Dancing studio.

  • Medium classes level 1  – are held every Wednesday 20.30 – 21.30 at Ricky’s Studio in Jordan (1st floor, 33 Austin rd)   
  • Medium level 2  are held every Wednesday 19.00-20.30 at Ricky’s Studio in Jordan (1st floor, 33 Austin rd)

  •   Advanced classes – for the most experienced students are held every Saturday 9.00-10.00 at Ricky’s Studio in Jordan (1st floor, 33 Austin rd).

Kids classes:

  • Medium level 2: classes are held every Monday 18.00-19.00 at Ricky dancing studio
  • Medium level 1 classes are held every Thursday 15.45-16.45 at Ricky dancing studio
  • Beginners group  for age group 3-6 : classes are held every Saturday 10.00-11.00 at Ricky dancing Studio
  • Beginners group for age group 7-12;  classes will start from September 10th and will be conducted every  Saturday 11.00-12.00 at Ricky dancing studio.
  •  Places are available for this group, please contact me fir more details


  • Fees: group of 4 students and more – 140HK$ per class/ group of 3 – 4 students  – 170HK$ per class
  • Advanced classes are available privately or in a small groups upon request.

Upcoming classes


New Beginner course is going to start shortly.


6 Responses to “Classes”

  1. chan ching wah Says:

    Dear oxana
    i have asked you the class on 7 july Monday at 3:30pm, hope you remenber it.
    i want to join the ‘beininers adults class’
    at Thursday 8pm to 9pm in September.

    Please kind to let me know about:
    1.where is the classes place much the class fee

  2. Aliya Zaidi Says:

    I am very interested in re-learning BharatNatayam again ( I learned it as a child). And I would also like my daughter to learn. Please contact me with details. I live on Hong Kong Island.

  3. martine vanasse Says:

    do you teach children? my daughter is 5.

  4. Janice Says:

    Dear Oxana,

    Have interest on indian dance, do you welcome visitor to see your lesson?

  5. Janice Says:

    hi, i’m not member of indian club can i go inside and see the lesson?

  6. sony harjani Says:

    I would like to join the beginners class, please send me details.

    thanks – Sony.

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